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I got to work about 10 minutes early,I went to leave i lifted the gate for the front counter to go over to burger king 5 minutes before my shift. When i lifted the gate it slammed against the wall like it always does.(I was not in uniform or clocked In) When i clock in on time I when to back line like I always do. I was on my shift for about half hour before the shift manager Patty came up to me, and say that my attitude didn't change she was going to fired me, at that time she had someone on the way to take over my shift. About 15 minutes later i got a phone call, saying that i was going to get fired this was coming from someone in different store in the food court. He hear it from the cashier that was getting trays. i went out back to get a employee that had a phone call, when i seen Rick asst. manager from genvea pull in. About 5 minutes later patty came in the store and told me to come out back. Patty told me that i was fired for reasons unclear. i don't understand why i got fired because she told me early in that shift i had to change my attitude then she fired me.

Now i been out of work for about 2 weeks, my friend at the outlet mall call me telling me that i was fired for stealing money, scaring an employee, scaring a person at the register, In the food court, manager scared for emloyee lives. i feel that its not right for people going to differents store and talking about me, i thought that was information that stay between manager only, in the store. but i was wrong and now i think the whole oulet mall know that i was fired and the reasons. how is that right? Do we have rights working in fast food service? i guess not.

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Well do your job right don't steal and you won't he in this situation. People spread news not just managers. Judging from this letter they already know of your attitude.

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