Phoenix, Arizona
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I thought the voice belonged to Tracy Morgan, but apparently its Ving Rhames voice. Something about the words in the commercial seem condescending and angry. Dont mind the voice just the words and how they are read.

Product or Service Mentioned: Arbys Commercial.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Arby's sell sandwiches. You'd think they could, at the very least, get someone in their commercials who could pronounce it.

Or, is "samwhich" intentional to play down to the lowest common denominator that seems to be what we all have to suffer with?

Fire the guy. Or next you'll be adding "tomatas" along with curly fried "patatas".

@Jerry C

Ya know, ya'll are awfully judgemental.....I mean seriously, how miserable of a person are you & how non existent of a life do u have to sit around complaining about who the voice is in an Arby's commercial??!! WOW!!!!

You have definitely stooped to the lowest of lows for that one. Must you have nothing better to do to occupy your day/time??!!

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