Grayling, Michigan

My 17 year old son had sex with one of.your employees in the parking lot of your arbys in grayling michigan. Her name is ashley.

And my attorney will be contacting unless something major is done. I cant believe such conduct would happen on the grounds. Very pissed parent. I dont know if there is cameras but if review!!!!

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WOW, you're going to hire an attorney because you have a *** teenager? That's hysterical.

Do you hold your son accountable at all?

You need to get a life. Oh, and while you're at it, try to gain some knowledge of the English language!


LOL. Threatening to get your attorney involved because your son couldn't wait until she finished her shift to get a piece?

Please do. It would be quite funny to read an article someday about the 17 year old from Grayling, MI who was charged with indecent exposure (and whatever else) after his mother, thinking she would somehow get some money out of Arby's (Otherwise, why mention the attorney?), brought the video of the act to the attention of the court.


How is this ILLEGAL activity? And why is your son discussing his sex life with you? I hope you taught him about safe sex, or you may be having an ARBYS baby.


LOL to the person with the long comment. XD


Score one for son!


Get over it-----How old was the girl/woman? I imagine your son was completely innocent, screaming and yelling for help because he was being raped.

Is your poor little son claiming he was raped? That is highly doubtful, because in your complaint you state he had sex, you didn't say the employee had sex. I know there is a fine line between the two. My opinion is that it was a case of they were both willing and able.

Then on the other hand, could it be that your poor, innocent son raped the girl? I also wouldn't believe every word that comes out of your son's mouth, or for that matter any teenager's mouth. Did this incident happen after hours, if so what difference does it make? As far as that goes what difference does it make where your son had sex----would it have been better in the parking lot of his high school or the church you attend?

I would recommend you positively know all of what happened before you go making a whole lot of hoopla, over something that for all you know your son could be embellishing the story, because he had willing sex with one of the employees and got to worrying that maybe she will end up pregnant and he will be in big trouble.

I would be willing to bet this wasn't his first time having sex.

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