Minden, Louisiana
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That's like the way some fast food joints go overboard and keep their dining rooms ice cold and all of the customers are freezing. They don't have to keep it that cold for people to be comfortable, as a matter of fact they probably lose alot of customers who don't feel like shivering the whole time they are trying to eat.

Most people don't have heavy winter coats with them when it is in the 90's outside.

When they keep it as cold as a meat locker, they are being just as stupid as serving coffee way hotter than it needs to be. Now I enjoy a cup of hot coffee as much as the next person, but I don't my lips and toungue getting burned when I go to take a sip either.

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It's that cold for the poor employees standing over a grill and a fryer for 8 hours, you can hand 10 minutes of chilly air snowflake

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