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Arbys Customer Care Review

Incredibly slow service. Platte city MO. Bunch of employees just standing around not doing ANYTHING.
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Arbys Customer Care
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Poor customer service

Arbys in Overland Park, Kansas - Items missing from order, wrong order, NO customer service!

I went to the Arbys location at 4300 West 83rd St. Prairie Village, KS. Avoid this location at all costs. The staff completely un-kept in their appearance, cannot take orders correctly, and short customers on their orders. Staff and manager on duty playing grab-***, almost thought I was at an indoor playground. Arbys and Roark Capital Group both were contacted At least the lady at Arbys said it would be looked into. Roark Capital Group (do a search) could care less, the man I talked to acted surprised I had a complaint. Therefore I have to assume that Roark Capital Group doesn't care about what customers think about the companies in it's portfolio.
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What do you mean by the staff looking un-kempt? Have you noticed the way people wear their hair lately?

Almost anything goes. Otherwise the employees do have uniforms that they are required to wear. What do you mean that they can't take orders correctly? Maybe it is that you aren't real clear what you want.

No matter what they were doing, it couldn't have been to the point that you THOUGHT you were in an indoor playground.

If things were actually missing from your order, you should have complained at the site and it would have been corrected. You have way too many complaints to be taken seriously.

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Arbys Customer Care
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Arbys in Overland Park, Kansas - Guy worker raises hand to a girl worker in front of customers.

It was a satuday when i was working with jon s. He thought it would be funny to take ecveryones phones and hide them where they could be stolen. I had ask him to just give them back he lied to my face and told me that he didnt have them. When i told him that his joke wasnt funny he raised his hand to me. He also raised his hand to me when i asked him to start filling hia orders cause he wasnt getting paid to stand around. The last time i worked with him was he night he called me a ***. The day i geta no call no show is the day i got terminated what i dont get is that he still continues to work there even though he raised his hand to me and called me a ***. I was lead tobelieve that i could get one no call no show.
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I would say yes no call no show means you no longer want to work but then if you felt threaten you should of called the police or gone down there to file a report as for cell phones at work they are to stay in your locker if they have them as for his taking them is considered theft so if he did raise his hand to you when asking for your property it would be considered attempted assault with theft,

any way's since you failed to do what was wright stop your complaining and move on as you didn't call show or file a report so it's now he said you said end of story do you want cheese with that whine


Raise his hand? Like talk to the hand? No call, no show tells them you don't want your job, so don't whine now.

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Arbys Customer Care

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