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I just learned that Arby's advertises on Laura Ingram's program.... as long as Arby's continues to advertise on this program I and my family will not eat at any of your locations.... her badgering one of the students at the parkland high school shooting is reprehensible...

This is not a program that the wholesome Arby's chain should be promoting....

Product or Service Mentioned: Arbys Fast Food Restaurants Advertisement.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Laura Ingraham did not badger David Hogg. She made a mild stupid comment about him not getting into a few different schools.

It was a non-story. Obviousy you haven't listened to all of David Hogg's foul mouthed speeches. He spews hate, slander and accuses anyone who disagrees with him a child murderer. And if that's ok with you, shame on you.

David Hogg is a dictator in training. He doesn't want to change the world, he wants to rule it.

He is correct on one thing, "A bully is a bully", and he's the one doing the bullying. Arbys, if you kowtow, it will be a huge mistake, the left is trying to do away with the First Amendment, and you will be helping them.

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