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I have double ruptured eardrum damage from the US Army which means I have nonstop tinnitus which I have learned to live with. But the very loud bell which customers are encouraged to ring if they enjoyed their Arby's meals sets off extremely painful ear ringing in both ears.

Today one real *** rang it as hard as he could, which just about killed my ears leaving me with excruciating pain in both ears and loss of hearing for half an hour. That loud bell caused several other diners to jump. PLEASE ARBY'S GET RID OF THAT AWFUL BELL. I meet friends once a month at the Pine Ridge, Naples Arby's for tasty food and good conversation.

But today was my last visit to this Arby's. I'll suggest to my friends that we eat at Wendy's or Culver's, restaurants which do not have bells.

I pity your poor employees who have to put up with this totally unnecessary noise day in and day out. Lee Perlinn, Naples, FL

Reason of review: Needless, harmful noise from bell.

Monetary Loss: $8.


Arbys Pros: Roast beef sandwiches, Roast beef sandwiches and small salad.

Arbys Cons: So-called customer satisfaction bell.

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I quite agree!! My wife and I stopped going to Arby's because of the bell and the employees refusal to mute it!!


I hope no one ever calls you or visits your front door since a phone ringing, door bell or knock on door could cause you to have a seizure or worse........

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