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Did you know that everything is microwaved from Arby's?? They get it shipped in bucket and then they just heat it up in the microwave for you!!! So if that's the case you might as well just go to Walmart or any grocery store and buy it from them!

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Hold up hold up!!! Don't know where you are getting your info from.....but that is so NOT true!!!!

We get everything in buckets huh? Well, I work at arbys & yes, we DO microwave alot of things, like for MELTING THE CHEESE to the meat like it's supposed to be done!!! Does anyone appreciate anything anymore?!! Does anyone look at the GOOD things that happen anymore?!

That's why ya'll are so miserable is because ya'll complain about EVERYTHING!!!! Ya'll also let one "bad" experience at one arby's ruin you from going to another one??!!

Maybe ya'll should be more observant about how everything 1st looks & feels the 2nd you 1st walk in. And, sorry to say, but worse things go on in restaurants where you can't watch them make food........


I put frozen breakfast from walmart in the microwave to melt the cheese. Ever heard of making an egg on a grill to melt the cheese....nope.

your grammar shows you probably do work at arbys and are uneducated. Thanks for microwaving my cold sandwich, real hard work there.


I used to always love getting the Arby's Big Beef sandwiches. I loved them very much and they were always made just right and very delicious.

I can't understand why there are not more Arby's restaurants around, because they have such delicious roast beef sandwiches. I don't live anywhere near one, so I can only wish that I could eat there.


Everything is actually prepared fresh in the mornings (I am a former employee at the store, mind you,) and then put into metallic Tupperware containers that are kept cold to preserve the freshness. We do use microwaves, but they are not your standard ones you go and buy for your house.

Since we do not sell hamburgers, we obviously would not have a grill to make your food.

Everything is prepared when you order it, with the exception of fryer products which can be cooked and kept in storage for 10 minutes until they are supposed to be thrown away. You will not be able to find Arby's quality meat at Walmart - the company uses expensive premium meat (an average full roast beef log costs $350, good luck finding that at Walmart for sure.) Nothing is frozen other than the fryer products and items kept in storage in the walk in fridge and freezer.

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