Yorktown, Virginia

a couple of months ago and then again today I ordered a Milkshake from the Arby's on Route 17, in Yorktown, both times they had flavors that I didn't want or order. I ordered a choclate and a Jamoca, which I got only the flavoar was almost non existance, I did get the flavor of MINT a couple of monts ago and this time was a very distinct flavor of Berry this leads me to believe first they are not using enough flavor or not CLEANING THEIR MACHINES PROPERLY, do not think i will order any more milkshakes from Arbys.

Product or Service Mentioned: Arbys Milkshake.

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The Shake Machines have a cleaning switch that the employees have to hold down between uses to keep the flavors from getting mixed. However sometimes the machines malfunction and don't clean properly, or the flavored portions of the shake mixes get caught in a part of the dispensing mechanism that the cleaning mechanism can't reach.

The employees have no real control over that beyond taking the machine apart and repairing it (which they can't really do unless it's off hours) and have no way of knowing if it's malfunctioning unless customers kindly let them know.

So if you continuously have this issue I would politely let the manager at that Arbys know about the mixed flavors of the shakes so they can fix it. If the Chocolate and Jamoca shakes aren't tasting right the machine might be malfunctioning in it's flavor distribution mechanism and that really should be brought to the restaurant's attention.


Thank you anon from Commerce!!! Also, we can't really control the amount of flavor syrup used in the shakes.

The shake machine premixes it. The only control we have at the time of making the shake is how much we fill the cup.

As for the berry/ mint issue, was it the fact that you ordered a mint shake which was the specialty promotional shake a couple months before and now it's the Triple Berry shake?? O.o

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