Just got done writing one and it disappeared. I'm really upset and hurt by the way I was treated by this woman named heather. She gave me a hard time and told me I was never in this store. I bought 4 reubens which were not very good. Talked to the store manager named L.T. he told me no problem on thurs 3/5. I went in on 3/6 and this woman was down right mean and told I was just out to get free food. I've been going to this store for years and spend a lot of money. I went back in on sat 3/7 to try and settle things out. She gave me the sandwiches but would not listen to a word I said. She thinks she is all high and mighty? Not. The other people who work there are the best. Loved this store and I was always nice. Not sure I will return. She should own up to her *** way of treating people. One dirty sock stinks up those that are clean.

I talked to Renee and she was very kind. She is the other manager. I'm still not cooled off yet. There is a woman named Ereka who works there who will always put a smile on my face. She is very kind and very good at what she does. Mr. L.

Ravenna Ohio. Kindness makes people feel wanted and needed

Store 5701. Ravenna Ohio.

User's recommendation: Would highly recommend this store people are really great.

Location: Ravenna, Ohio

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