Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

First - I don't want any coupons, free meals or to be financially reimbursed. I'm not one of those people.

Problem: This is the second occurrence which has forced me to complain against this location. The first occurrence was about a month ago. For background purposes, I have been going to this location for over 10 years and until a few months ago, I have NEVER had a problem.

Issue: Overall attitude and customer service. On this date I went through the drive thru (in my police car but NOT on duty-dressed in civilian clothes), placed my order, received my balance ($7.57), approached the window and submitted my payment ($7.62 - didn't have exact change). Apparently the young lady working the window had been asking me if I wanted some sauce? I am sure that I didn't hear her because I had my stereo and other distractions in my car and was preoccupied. One would think not a big deal, right? Not so much! When I finally made eye contact with the young lady (I can only describe her as a 20-25 year old, short, Latino or American Indian female) she was less than cordial and obviously irritated with me. She raised her voice and for all intents and purposes "scolded me like a child" for not answering her questions. She then took my money, gave me back my change ($0.05 cents short) and closed the window.

Seeing as though she still owed me a nickle, I waited. I asked her if she was done screaming at me if I could have my correct change. Wow...wrong thing to say. She promptly advised me (with a fellow employee standing next to her and all the other employees listening to her) that "they" were tired of me and my attitude and that I had "got her manager in trouble".

I won't be going back to that store for a while and will spread the word.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Arbys Pros: Food.

Arbys Cons: Employees.

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This is for badattitude 49: I have a question. If your order cost $7.57, and you gave her $7.62, all the Cashier would have owed you was .05¢.

You commented that she gave you change back, but that she shorted you .05¢. How could she have shorted you .05¢ AND still given you back change??


Your change should have only been a nickel. If you were short a nickel that would mean she gave you no change.

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