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a lot more bread then meat .I ordered the New double stack Reuben what a joke..i wont be back got screwed even ask employ there If this is really a double stack..I am shocked buy how little amount of meat on the sandwich .It is bad enough that all the sandwich are getting small everytime I go there but this was really bad ..very unhappy with the amount I paid for the amount I got ...If arbys puts pictures on tv you would think that when you go in and buy one of there sandwich It would at least be close to what you would get but I can a sure it is not any were close to looking like the same thing ..half my sandwich was bread with dang little meat on it

Product or Service Mentioned: Arbys New York Double Stack Reuben Sandwich.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Hi there. Thanks for coming to Arby's.

Do you really think your food will always look like the picture? You know we made like lots of reubens to get it right? Sheesh.

Go to a 5-star restaurant if you expect that, you cheap as s. We hope you return to Arby's soon, with a realistic expectation on what a FAST FOOD RESTAURANT is.

@Arbys Wants You To Try A Reube

Dead end job loser.

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