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If Army's pull their commercials, from Laura Ingraham's show I will not buy or stop at your locations, I will do my best to make sure that everyone I know does the same, I am tired of that little radical trying to impose his thoughts on everyone

1 answer
No one cares.

Laura Ingraham Fox News

by Mayra

Will you please stop supporting her show? I take my 3 kids to Arby’s every week, but will stop doing so until Arby’s pulls funding for an ‘adult bully’ show.

I spent 25 years in television advertising and Arby’s was one of my accounts for 8 of those years.

Thank you. I know Arby’s will do the right thing!

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Commercial Ad

I was watching a commercial you guys advertised for the French Dip and Swiss deal, and I noticed the guy cutting the sandwich wrong. Now being a former employee of your company, I know that the sandwich is to be cut on an angle and not cut in the center.

Were you guys aware of this when you made that commercial? Sincerely yours, Concerned former employee!

1 answer
I work at Arby's currently and I was never told to cut the sandwich at an angle. I never even knew there was a certain way to cut it. I just assumed it was right down the middle.

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