Clinton, Missouri
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I certainly wished I had taken a picture of my husband's T/C/B Angus sandwich at Arby's in Clinton, MO. Nov.

16, 2015.

The bloody meat had soaked through the bottom of the bun making it a dark pink color, I just about gagged. When he lifted the sandwich out of the box there was red, I mean really red blood in the bottom of the box !!! I took it up the counter and showed the workers and they said it was just meat juices ! Now, I have lived on the farm for 69 years and I know blood when I see it.

The little snippy girl in charge with RED GLASSES said " Oh, it's just meat juices, do you want us to put it in the microwave?" I said, "NO, I WANT ANOTHER SANDWICH WITH COOKED MEAT IN IT !!! She said that all of those sandwiches uses the same meat, and asked if I wanted another type of sandwich. I said "No, I want that sandwich with cooked meat!" She smirked at me and told the guy in the kitchen, another sandwich and put it in the microwave, she don't think the meat is done!! There were several workers standing around listening to our conversation.

She promptly threw the bloody sandwich in the trash.

My husband finally got his sandwich.

Now, I realize that some people eat their meat that way but my husband spent 4 life threatening days in the hospital a few years ago with e-coli from improperly cooked meat and we certainly were not going to let that happen again no matter how "snippy" the worker was. Arby's was one our favorite fast food places but after that episode we will not go there again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Arbys Sandwich.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Arbys Pros: Roast beef.

Arbys Cons: Improperly cooked meat.

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