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I was watching television and saw the Arby's "NY Reuben" commercial... Plain and simple...

the Reuben sandwich was not invented in New York... the origin is Omaha Nebraska... pretty easy to look up too, no real excuse would be acceptable... a lie told over and over does not make it the truth no matter what...

a simple humorous disclaimer is all that would be required... and your requirement for at least 100 words is an inane attempt to discourage people for expounding on their angst and frustration on your complaint form... being verbose on a topic does not help explain something that is simple to describe. If you can't get to the point precisely and concisely most give up...

but I like the challenge...

so stop saying the Reuben is from New York when it is if fact from Omaha... New York Deli's are where you get Pastrami...

Product or Service Mentioned: Arbys Commercial.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Seriously, you're experiencing angst over...a sandwich.


Hi Re Tard - Thanks for coming to Arby's! Please continue eating your Omaha Steaks. When you are ready to come back to Arby's, we will have a NEW YORK REUBEN!!



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