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The reviews say the bread is toasted, ITS NOT which is one of the things I love most about their Reuben but the one thing they could change is they put the sauerkraut on top of the cheese just under the bread which makes the bread super soggy especially if you are driving 10 minutes or more to get home. By the time I got to the parking lot from the counter, the bread was already damp. Also the pizza sliders are great and just enough to bite into but there is way to much sauce which overpowers the great taste.

Product or Service Mentioned: Arbys Reuben Sandwich.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Sorry about your toasted delima, I know when I want toasted I DEMAND it, however the toast machine was busted in this place. They should have put a sign on the door that said "Not toasting today" but they didn't so how were you to know I can't blame you.

The sourkraut issue is something can be corrected easily, put it on the side in its own container. I have suggested this to Arby's I'm sure they will start doing it nation wide due to this problem.

The president has assured me that your sandwich will be the last soggy sand which to ship out of the eatery. Thanks again for your detailed review and keep eating

Amy E
@Jim catsuit

I have eaten at several Arby’s restaurants around this country, usually I stay and eat, in which NONE of the sandwiches have ever been toasted, but as I already stated, that’s one of the things I like most because I don’t like my sandwiches toasted anyway.Also, why would you put the sauerkraut on the side? That would require you to make your own sandwich and hope you could get the bread from the melted cheese to apply it.

Why couldn’t you just put the cheese on top of the *** and create a bonding agent since the *** is usually warmer than the meat anyway?

That would make more sense than the customer building their own sandwich. If you would like to happen, you should create a “build it yourself” bar.

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