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Aaround 1130 pm went to only arbys open at loves truck stop. Davenport iowa

I started out with 2 20 dollar bills.

Ordered a classic roast beef. Got a ten dollqr bill and 12 cents back.dont remember why but i looked at funny and realized they gve us not barbeque sauce i asked specifically for when they asked if and what sauce i wanted.

The sandich smelled bad so instead of eqting it or going bqvk i went to wendys and got a jr bacon cheeseburger.

I still had just my 20 dollar bill and the ten and 12 cents from the other one.

I usually pay with a credit card but took cash tonight and will now be going back through checking amounts to arbys.

I also found i did not have my receipt from arbys as there was none in the bag on it or in my small wallet.

I called arbys. I asked them to count their drawer as a classic roast beef couldnt have cost 9 dollars. In fact i remever her clearly saying 3 something in the speaker . Was told they would call me back. And believed i had been talking to the manager. Ive added the uneaten arbys sandwich in the smashed wrinkled bag and now wonder whats really in there as it smelled up the new car smell so badly we rode to wendys with the windows partially down. Did not get an answer back about my missing change. An old wjom i cinsidered friend also works there but she no longer comes to the window when i order there for my son who cant sleep some nights and asks me to drive him to his favorite place arbys the only arbys open all night.

Another biger woman hs been at the window the past two nights in a row. I did not check the totals i have been charged in te past but do have my credit card statements and will be goijg back through them to see balances. What is going on there? And i do expect my money back after someone reviews the transaction to show my total was under 4 dollars. Paid with a 20.and only got 10 bck. .

Product or Service Mentioned: Arbys Customer Care.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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