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Went to ATM, got cash (all 20's), went to Arby's on Clifford, Fort Worth, TX, gave $20.00 for a $9.35 meal, received coin change for only $10.00. I asked the window person where is the rest of my change, and that I gave her a $20.00.

She said all she has is tens and fives and held them up for me to look at. She said I did not give her a $20.00. I said she was wrong!

The employee didn't think I would notice how much I gave her when she gave me the coin change.

it is her word against mine! She made $10.00 off me in a scam. I called the regional manager; he arranged that I get my $10.00 that I was ripped off: I picked it up from another store nearby.

Beware - make sure you tell the window person how much you are giving him or her and have them repeat it.

It is your word against theirs.

I hope this person gets caught doing this, gets fired and goes to jail.

Product or Service Mentioned: Arbys Customer Care.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Enjoy that $10. I'm pretty sure you didn't pay with a $20.

And what's the complaint, you made $10. So be grateful you made $10, or shove that $10 where the sun don't shine.

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