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While I was at Arby's there was a roach on the refrigerator that was close to the front register. When I noticed it and spoke to the manager about it she got offended so I asked for refund.

I was grossed out in mortified at the fact that they walked around like it was apart of the crew.

They thought it was so funny i asked for a refund. They had to have a meeting in the drive thru like she was giving me everything free.

Product or Service Mentioned: Arbys Sanitary Conditions.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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They should have a policy that if you see a roach, that the meal is on the house. Ditto for flies, rats, mice or any other kind of varmint.


That's it!


My God! Haven't the management at Arby's ever heard of hiring a Professional Pest Control Company to take care of their stores.

Of course, the roach could have "hitch-hiked" it's way into the store in one of Arby's Slob Clientele's Purse or Bags or clothing for that matter. You should have received Double Your money Back, and Free Arby's Food For A Year.

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