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we went to boat show in Syracuse on 02/14/15 and afterwards we went to the Arbys 0896 at 787 Erie Blvd. i went to get out of the car and slipped and fell hitting my right upper arm on the car,and hurting my lower back.

we entered the restaurant and we were greeted by the assistant Manger, "how are you today" i said not so good, i just fell in your parking lot. she said i am sorry! what can i get you today? we ordered our food and sat inside to eat, she never asked me if i was okay,or would you like to fill an accident report and never sent anyone to salt where i fell.

i am very sore today, bruised my arm pretty good, but i will be fine. just thought you should maybe go over this with the employees. i could have broken a bone.I am almost 60, Thank you, Karen Andersen P.O.

Box 53 Earlville, N.Y. 13332

Reason of review: lack on concern for a customer.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Arbys Cons: Lack of concern.

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Believe me at the age of 74 I have fallen a lot of times and in a lot of places. I have also had attorneys tell me slip and fall accidents are too hard to prove, unless you have pictures.

I have also had law enforcement people tell me that insurance won't cover accidents in parking lots due to ice because it is a public place and an "act of God." Having been married to a cop for 20 years and also having been a legal secretary, I have a lot of contacts with different types of law enforcement people. I honestly don't see anything mean in my previous reply.


A parking lot is private property that the store or the building owner maintains.


Maybe you should pay more attention to how you exit your vehicle.If there is ice or If their has been ice I am sure you are aware that you could slip and Fall.On the other hand I think you are trying to get something for your so called injury if not you would not have made a big deal out of this.The attendant asked if you where OK right?At that time why did you not state no?Why did you not ask for an incident form?Because you really was not injured at all just your Pride for falling in the first place.And someone else probably instructed you to make a big deal out of this Slip and Fall right?Let me state one fact OK.You do not get compensated for slip and Falls in an parking lot and If by any chance you do get compensated it will not be worth the trouble that you have to put into the matter believe me.I slipped and Fell in Min yards Store right.All I got was $500.00 and This was only because an employee witnessed the slip and Fall.Save your time and Effort it is not worth it.


I hope you are alright and to the person who left that comment you are terrible to say such mean things. I hope something like that happens to you one day then you will know how he or she feels. The parking lot should have been plowed better or put dirt on it.


This isn't Arby's web site. The kind of weather you guys have been having this winter, you really are expecting a lot if you expect businesses to have their parking lots completely cleared of ice/snow.

You don't know that she didn't send somebody out to salt the spot where you fell. If somebody was sent outside they would have went out the back door, and by the time you ready to leave the ice melt wouldn't have done the job anyway. Why should she ask how you were, it was obvious you were OK, you were up and about, walking and talking. You could have asked to fill out an accident report.

Being you are in the mood to correct people's behavior, how about you learning that the first word of a sentence should be capitalized, as should the word "i." It should be "I." Hopefully you get a lot of crank mail for putting your complete name and address on a public site. If you didn't want anything from Arby's you wouldn't have found it necessary to put your name and address in the complaint.

Oh yes! A lot of the time when an accident occurs in a parking lot, it is considered an "act of God" because a parking lot is a public place.


Well said!


I know someone who slipped and broke her wrist in a adlis parking lot sued and won alot of money.So when it is icey and the lot is not properly salted and cleared yes they are legally responsible.

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