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Basically 3 weeks ago my wife, grandson, and I ate at Arby's. We went back and got grandson some fries. We had 2 receipts and did the FREE Roast Beef for a survey. I was told I could only do ONE SURVEY A WEEK WHEN I called in. I did one survey by phone and my wife did the other survey on line. The validation code for online was twelve hundred and something and the phone validation code was 1553?.

One week later we went to redeem our offers. We were told any code below 1558? was outdated. I showed the cashier the date stamp for a week ago and written on the receipt, "Offer valid for 30 days…" and asked how they were outdated. We were told rules are rules. The place was busy and many were listening to our conversations including a peace officer. Our receipts were denied.

We did the surveys again immediately and asked for a reply online and someone to call me by phone concerning Arby's inconsistencies. No one has contacted me. I really do not why I am wasting my time doing this again.

We went in today and were told the validation code was outdated and we could only do the survey once a month. Again I showed the cashier the date stamp for a week ago and written on the receipt, "Offer valid for 30 days…"

I remarked on my survey, "If the validation code I am about to receive is less then 15?? It will be outdated before it is issued. Check to see if you gave me an invalid validation code."

My validation code was 1322W which was outdated before it was given to me.

Product or Service Mentioned: Arbys Cashier.

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Why are you complaining? Because you can't get something for free?

NEWSFLASH: most things in life aren't free. Get over it.


I agree and this person is a very bad role model for their grandson. If they cannot afford to feed the child they should just have their children feed him.


That was in August and the Surveys were still being offered in September. Read Texas Penal Code 32.42, Decptive Business Practices.

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