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I ordered a loaded curly fry and got a pinch of bacon, I asked for more and the girl came out laughing and said it cost extra. The cook came out mumbling and making smart comments all over some bacon.

The price being charged for it, I would have stuck to my small curly fry and a cup of cheese had I known I was paying extra for 5 pieces of bacon I could have made and added on myself but it's the point that she was laughing and he was making comments. No need to laugh and make comments, she should've just said it's gone cost more because that is all the bacon that comes with it and I would have said thank you and knew not to ever get a loaded fry ever again but it became a problem when apparently something was funny and the guy came out making comments. I am a regular at Arby's and won't be anymore! It happened on 9/7/2017.

Contact them for what? So they can continue laughing and making comments?

Product or Service Mentioned: Arbys Curly French Fries.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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they lost some of my frequency of visits when they removed homestly fries fron the menu---at least at my local location

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