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Asked for receipt when handed my to go order, it had been thrown away. Clerk riffled thru the trash and found 3 other receipts before mine...then tossed it to me.

When I told her it was very unappetizing to see someone sift thru trash to retrieve a receipt and scolded her for throwing it to me, another clerk said "What rock did you crawl out from under? Cause you need to crawl back under it!" Such is the service and comments you get from Arby's employees....

I phoned customer service and complained and they were very nice.....problems like this are from lack of training of employees and also because the managers are not trained properly. Problems like this come from the top and filter down to counter level....shame on Arby's for hiring emplyees that talk like this to a customer

Product or Service Mentioned: Arbys Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Arbys Cons: Way i was treated when i asked for a receipt for my order.

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You sound like the biggest doucheb@g in the world. If your receipt had been throw away, how else would she have been able to retrieve it, except for thru the trash?

And then you "scolded" her? What gives you the right to scold another adult? If it had been me, I would have had you removed from the store with the warning to never return again. Where do you work?

I'd like to come to your workplace and scold you!!!!

Oh, that's right. People who live under rocks don't work.


Actually, with minimal effort the employee could have taken a bit of time and printed a duplicate receipt. If they did not know how, they could have asked their manager to come and perform the task.

The customer is always right, however, I make it a rule never to *** off the individuals that are handling my food. I have been on the other side of things, and know what it's like to be yelled at by a customer... it's not a pleasant experience. Everyone makes a mistake from time to time.

Simply talk to them like a person and state the mistake that was made. If they respond poorly, simply ask to speak to a manager... keeping in mind to treat the manager like a person too. Being kind and courteous goes a long way...

something this world has forgotten.


If you believe the customer is always right, you have not worked in retail at all.

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