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The coffee lady was the restaurant fault. The restaurant in question served their coffee over 180 degrees which is scalding when the law says that coffee should be served at about 145 degrees.

So your statement that, "Remember the coffee lady." is not only not needed, but unwarranted, therefore I will not be going to buy anything from any of your restaurants from this time forward unless you stop the commercial and give a full apology to the public for your misrepresentation of the facts. Thank you for your time an informed, concerned customer. And I think that your rule about there being 100 words to have any complaint to be registered to be unfair. An other to reason to think about boycotting all your restaurants.

So if you want to continue my continue my support and MONEY, STOP the commercial current running.

Thank you Mr. Lindley

Product or Service Mentioned: Arbys Commercial.

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I always feel sorry for the little old ladies that hang around the McDonald's near Sunset and Western (in Hollywood) and go up to people's table and ask them if they could please buy her a cup of coffee. I was always with someone else who was treating me to a meal there when it would happen, and I was McHomeless and McPenniless myself, so I couldn't have done it. It would have made me think very highly of the person that I was with if they had bought her a cup of coffee though.


As I recall, the lady ordered a cup of HOT coffee, not iced coffee, which comes in a soft sided cup with a plastic lid. Then in a very unladylike manner, set the coffee between her legs.

When she moved her legs to drive, thighs squeezed the cup making the lid come off and the coffee spill onto her thighs.

If you order hot's a no brainer...expect it to be hot. Get a cup holder!


Before taking a large drink of any liquid, I always sip a little to test the temperature. please prevent any injury to your mouth or face and test the temp first.

Most restaurants are not trying to harm you but, bring you back as a regular customer. Take care please


Seriously? Coffee at any restaurant is served at 180 degrees.

It comes straight out of the pot. *** my coffee pot at home is set for a temp of 200.


Love it! I'm heading to Arby's

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