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I have been visiting this Arby a couple times a month per my parents request. Today has to be the worst service ever.

A bag too small for my order which ripped and dumped in my floor board. I received the wrong items. and after asking for another bag, the very young lady handed me a bag no larger than to put an order of curly fries. Every time I have been through the drive thru there has been some type of error or delay.

This time I chose to go in to order. This was the most unorganized establishment I think I have ever entered. God help these people and after reading on about Arby's as a whole.....I will blame poor training and just flat out...that Arbys does not give a damn about what goes on in their establishment in Tarboro, NC. It seems as if they made effort to put a beautiful building and the worst trained employees I have ever encountered.

After trying to find a place on the Website to complain, there was nothing but to fill out a bunch of my personal info and another area that said "don't sell my information" ?????? Shaking my head at ARBY's!!!!

User's recommendation: Dont even bother, apparently Arby's Corp. does not care about Tarboro nor the employees that serve Tarboro!!

Preferred solution: Train these people in quality customer service, in the product they are selling (the food preparer was asked to make a ham & swiss wrap. I received a sandwich) and respect our town!! .

Arbys Pros: Deals and my elderly parents liked the food.

Arbys Cons: Very poor product knowledge and customer service.

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"Per your parents request" ha! You're a mess

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