110 N Head St, Belton, TX 76413, USA
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My sister and I decided to try the new Belton, Tx Arby's. The young lady at the drive thru didn't seem to know what she was doing as she could not tell us what was on the Reuben meal.

Took too long to take the order. We got to the window and the lady took our payment and then shut the window and came back and asked us if we had 2 Reubens which we told her we did. She came back obviously upset and gave us a bag of food and said that is not the way it was put into the computer. We didn't check our food until we got home and it was quite obviously it was not a fresh meal.

The bread was mushy and the little bit of meat was globbed in the middle of the bread. After taking a couple of bites it was quite obviously it was not Arbys quality we have had in the past. The curly fries were cold and as the sandwich not fresh. We both threw away most of our food.

By the way the iced tea was very watered down as well. We both ended up with food poisoning and are still having very discomforting symptoms.

Needless to say we will not be going to Arbys again and are telling all we know about this. We are both very disappointed because we always knew we could go to Arbys for good quality food.

Product or Service Mentioned: Arbys Reuben Sandwich.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $17.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Arbys Cons: All food received.

  • Unhappy Experience
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Just an update to this review/complaint. This visit was in January 2017.

It is March 31, 2017 and I still have not heard anything from Arby's I even sent the same message directly to Arby's. No comment from them.

Not only does Arby's have horrible food and service. They just don't care.


As a former employee of this Arby's I know for a fact raw roast beef was served during the lunch rush. When the GM was made aware of this she still served da roast beef.

The Reuben is made corn beef which is microwaved once ordered.

The GM dont care thats why you have not heard from Arby's she too busy drinking at the local bars enjoying her life with her husband coming to work hungover disrespecting her employees in front customers with no leadership or customer service skills to even train all employees to know Arby's quality that is expected.


Thanks for your reply. From the service and nasty food we received I would say you are spot on with your description of this new Belton Arby's.

I have told everyone about it. I am very disappointed in Arby's as I use to enjoy everything I ate there. There will probably not be anything done either because most people will not say anything but just won't go back.

My sister and I had food poisoning. Guess they will have to get enough of them sick to make the news before they do anything.

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