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I go to Arby's every so often and get a Jr. Roast Beef.

When I'm asked what kind of sauce, I always ask for barbeque sauce in the little tub because they inevitably always want to give me that watered down Arby sauce. Oneday, I went to the Arby's on Lincoln in Oklahoma City for lunch. I got my sandwich and when asked by a member of management what kind of sauce, I politely asked for barbeque sauce. The manager plopped 2 packets of Arby sauce on the counter.

I said, "Oh no. That's Arby sauce. Can I have the barbeque sauce, in the little tub, please?" The lady then picked up one of the packets of Arby sauce and shook it in my face and said, "THIS IS BARBEQUE SAUCE!!!" Wow! Really?

I was SHOCKED! I didn't lose it and merely said, "No, that is not what I want. I want the other barbeque sauce." I finally got what wanted and left. I got back to work and made fast work of telling my co-workers what just happened.

They couldn't believe it. I then got on Arby's website and issued a copmplaint. Surprisingly, within a few hours, a someone called me back and wanted more details. They apologized and who knows what ultimately happened to the manager, but it was nice that someone responded that same day and did apologize.

Have not been back since and that was last summer.

Product or Service Mentioned: Arbys Sandwich.

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Arby sauce and BBQ sauce are indeed two different sauces. The one she is talking about is normal everyday bbq sauce they use for the chicken tenders. Get your facts straight BigBruce


"They couldn't believe it" - They probably couldn't believe what kind of A55HOLE demands that their sauce be poured into a tub so they can drown their sandwich in BBQ sauce.

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