Portsmouth, Virginia

arbys new reuben isn't even a sandwich.. it had awful faovor/texture/ what a let down....

i will never go again... how can you mess up a reubean... but they manage to make it taste horrible... the company should just fold....

don't go there

i ordered the double reuben classic.... it was served . with NO cheese,, they put turkey on it, and i did not order that.. it was cold.

and the 1000's dressing was sour... the bread was wet and soggy.. even the bread had no favor.... the counter persons.

was rude, disrespectful. and lazy... all the company did was apoligize.... not even a free sandwich..

which is why i decide to NEVER,,,,NEVER,,, NEVER go to arbys again.... lets shut them down.

Product or Service Mentioned: Arbys Sandwich.

Monetary Loss: $6.

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learn how to order you *** the double Reuben was made with Turkey


You really have to grow up. Your spelling, grammar, etc.

indicate that you aren't as smart as you think you are. How can a sandwich have any kind of faovor? What is a reubean? Bread isn't supposed to have favor.

Favor is something you do for somebody when they ask you to do a favor for them. Counter people would sound better than counter persons.

Just because you had one bad experience isn't any reason for you to be so vengeful. Just because you didn't like your sandwich doesn't mean you have to put all of the employees down.

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